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Welcome to the brand new Amphora Aromatics website. We hope you enjoy using our new site and find it easier to use than our previous website.

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Salon / Bulk Sizes

Essential Oils, Creams and Gels and Ready to Use Preparations are all available in larger sizes for those who prefer to create their own formulations.

Salon Range

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A professional range of salon products for salon and home use.
Nail and Cuticle Care Oil will nourish, soften and moisturise to make caring for your nails and cuticles super easy.
Dead Sea Salts are wonderful to add to your bath to refresh and revitalise your skin.
Green Tea Face Gel uses the wonderful antioxidant benefits of Green Tea to maintain and improve your skin.

Essential Oils

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Amphora Aromatics has one of the most comprehensive ranges of Essential Oils & Absolute oils available in the UK.

Amphora Aromatics have spent more than 25 years sourcing the highest quality pure organic & non organic Essential Oils and Absolutes from across the globe.

Our comprehensive collection of Essential Oils and Absolutes are perfect for use in Aromatherapy massage, blending, diffusing and for cosmetic use.

Because Bulk Oils are poured to order and are not aimed at individual customers for home use (they are meant for professionals and those looking to create their own blends or products), you may find that the labels are either hand written or edited by hand. Additionally there is currently no way of including a batch number on these oils. This is something we are currently working on and we hope to have a solution soon.

If you are unsure how to use any of our Essential Oils safely then please seek guidance from a qualified Aromatherapist. Safety information is provided for each oil - please read it before use.

The information provided for Essential Oils is for reference only and is not intended to be taken as medical advice. Any medical condition should always be treated first and foremost by your doctor or a qualified medical practitioner. Essential oils can provide additional benefits to those offered by conventional medicine. If you are unsure, please consult with your doctor.

We keep a large amount of bulk essential oils in stock so we are normally able to despatch your order without delay. However, if a product is out of stock then there can be a lead time of up to 10 working days. Please contact us on 0117 904 7212 if you would like to check whether the item you are looking for is in stock and for guidance on lead times.

Bulk Carrier, Vegetable Oils

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Bulk Fragrances

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Amphora Aromatics carry a large range of good quality popular synthetic fragrances that can be used in burning, blending and massage but have no aromatherapy qualities.

Many of the more popular oils include flowers and fruit from which it would be difficult or impossible to extract essential oils, such as Lily of the Valley, Apple, Bluebell and Passionflower. In these cases the only alternative is these fragrance oils.

We keep the majority of items in stock at all times, but please be aware that any out of stock items or particularly large orders (5 litres / kg or more) may take up to 10 working days for delivery. If you would like clarification on whether a particular item is in stock and guidance on lead times please call us on 0117 908 7770 or 0117 904 7212 and we will be happy to help.

Bulk Creams

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Our extensive range of Aromatherapy creams are made with pure essential oils and herbal extracts.

They are designed to harness the power of natures ingredients to give your skin the treatment it deserves.
Free of parabens, our creams range includes the ever popular Frankincense & Rose Face Cream and the wonderful Lavender & Chamomile Barrier Cream.

The Amphora theme of quality products at great prices is again evident here. Our Gels are even better value when purchased in these 1KG tubs!

Bulk Gels

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Our carefully developed range of Aromatherapy Gels are designed to make best use of natural extracts and essential oils to treat and indulge your skin.

From the gentle antiseptic and calming qualities of Lavender Gel to the warming and stimulating effects of the Muscle & Joint Gel Super Plus and the wonderful soothing and cooling action of our After Sun Cooling Gel, there's a gel here for every purpose.

The Amphora theme of quality products at great prices is again evident here. Our Gels are even better value when purchased in these 1KG tubs!

Bulk Floral Waters

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Floral waters are traditionally used after cleansing as skin toners to refresh and revive the complexion. They are also excellent themselves for cleansing and fortifying all skin types. They have a relaxing and calming effect.
Other uses include as a cooling body mist, as a fragrant linen spray or in the making of soaps and creams. They can also be added to your bath for a luxiorious soak.

Bulk Massage Oils

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Amphora Aromatics traditional range of massage oils are convenient and cost-effective formulations of pure essential and carrier oils. They are carefully balanced formulations which have been developed using our many years of experience and are unique to Amphora. They are also extremely good value - especially in this 1L bulk size!

Our Muscle & Joint Massage Oil has a warming and deeply penetrating blend of essential oils. Perfect for sore, tired or aching muscles and joints in an easy to apply oil. It's an extremely popular tried and trusted blend of Black Pepper, Camphor, Eucalyptus and Rosemary in Sweet Almond Oil. It's perfect for applying after sport or any physical activity - or just when your muscles or joints feel like they need a bit of TLC.

Our Relaxing Oil is a soothing blend of Roman Chamomile, Lavender, Lemon Verbena and Melissa in Sweet Almond Oil. It helps to promote relaxation and sleep.

These are just two of our wide range of ready to use formulations which we have spent years perfecting. Take a look through our extensive range to find the perfect Massage Oil for your requirements!

Bulk Bath Oils

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A wide range of specially formulated bath oils blended by the experts here at Amphora Aromatics.

Using Sweet Almond Oil as the base, each bath oil has been carefully blended to create a range which offers a solution for most every day requirements.

Our bath oils may be cheaper than the alternatives you might find on the high street but there has been no skimping on quality. As with all Amphora products the emphasis is on quality at extremely reasonable prices - especially when purchased in this 1L bulk size!

Safe and effective in simple but attractive robust packaging, there's sure to be a bath oil for you - take a look!

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