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Essential Oils

Amphora Aromatics has one of the most comprehensive ranges of Essential Oils & Absolute oils available in the UK.

Pure Essential Oils

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Essential Oils are naturally extracted from the flowers, seeds, fruit, leaves or bark of the plant.
The oil usually retains the fragrance of the original plant material, but is more intense.
Our essential oils are 100% pure unless clearly indicated. The reason we are able to achieve such competitive prices is due to our size. This enables us to buy in bigger quantities than many of our competitors and so achieve savings which we are then delighted to be able to pass on to you.

Speciality Essential Oils

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A range of our more unusual and exotic essential oils. Through excellent and long-standing relationships with our suppliers and a commitment to sourcing new, sustainable suppers we are able to harvest the exotic essences and floral scents of field and forest to bring their health-giving benefits into your home.

Precious & Absolute Oils

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Pure absolute and precious oils including high grade perfumery materials.
Absolutes are made by extracting the plant material with organic solvents which are then distilled off to leave a thick paste known as a concrete.
The waxes that make the concrete so viscous are then removed, leaving the absolute. Rose otto is steam-distilled and is therefore technically an essential oil.

Diluted Absolute & Precious Oils

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Perfect for those who wish to use the beautiful aromas of absolutes but do not want to spend a lot of money.
These lovely absolute oils have been diluted to 5% in Grapeseed to make them affordable for anyone wishing to experience the wonderful benefits of these exquisite oils.
They can be used straight out of the bottle for massage or can be blended with other oils.

Aromatherapy Blends

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Pure essential oil blends to suit your mood, help boost well-being or create a natural room fragrance.

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