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Body Care

A carefelly selected range of items from bath salts to natural deodorants:

Brushes & Loofahs - Attractive and reasonably priced bodycare and bathroom items in natural materials from Maddox Bodycare.

Bath Fizz Bombs

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A range of large fizz bombs generously soaked in pure essential oils that delicately effervesce in the bath to provide a relaxing experience. At nearly 3 inches in diameter, choose from Neroli, Lavender or Ylang Ylang in display boxes of 6 or a mixed box of 2 of each type. All individually gift wrapped in clear cellophane.

Brushes & Loofahs

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A range of attractive & reasonably priced body-care & bathroom items made from natural materials.


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The MoonCup is a bell shaped cup around 5cm long and made from soft silicone. It is worn internally like a tampon and forms a seal with your vaginal wall allowing menstrual fluid to flow into it without leakage or odour.

One MoonCup lasts for years making it the most economical feminine hygiene product available.
Costs less than you spend every 6 months on disposable products.
Reusable, simply rinse and reinsert.
No used towels or tampons to incinerate, flush or add to landfil.
No layers of packaging to discard each month.
The most eco-friendly sanitary protection you can buy.

Natural Deodorants

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Thai Deodorant Stones / Lafe's Natural Deodorants.

These natural deodorant stones attack the bacteria that cause those nasty smells. They don't clog the pores of the skin and so allow it to breathe naturally and won't leave any toxic residue or nasty chemical by-products on your skin.

They don't stop perspiration or cover up odours with synthetic perfume. Instead, they leave a tiny layer of mineral salts on your skin which attack the bacteria that cause body odour.

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